10-22 Newsletter — 2023 Conference, Up …
10-22 Newsletter — 2023 Conference, Up …
10-22 Newsletter — 2023 Conference, Upskilling Disadvantaged Youth

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Here's a recap of our October 2022 newsletter:

[Open edX Conference 2023] The 2023 Open edX conference has just been announced! The event will take place between Tuesday, March 28 and Friday, March 31 2023 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The annual conference is a great opportunity to meet members of the community from around the world, attend captivating talks, and learn about innovative uses of the Open edX Platform. Registration is now open on Eventbrite, with Early Bird rates valid until January 6th. The Call For Proposal is now also open. You can read the official announcement for more detailed info. We'll be sharing more news about the conference in subsequent newsletters. Stay tuned, and see you there!

-> Register now for the 2023 Open edX Conference

[October Meetup Recap] The October Open edX Community meetup featured three presentations:

  • Juan Montoya from eduNEXT presented the Open edX sandbox, where learners and course authors will be able to play around with the platform instantaneously with freely accessible demo courses or new, user-created test courses. 
  • Adrian Le’Roy Devezin, founder of educational non-profit Empowr, delivered an inspiring talk about how Empowr leverages the Open edX platform to scale their software engineer upskilling program for disadvantaged youth in the US.
  • Jenna Makowski, senior product manager for Open edX, closed the session with an overview of the platform's public development roadmap, and explained how members of the community can get involved. 

-> Watch the meetup recording

[OEP Review] OEP 57 is currently open for community reviews. OEPs (Open edX Proposals) specify a best practice, architectural decision, or process that the Open edX community has agreed should be adopted by the project. In the case of OEP57, it is intended to serve as a glossary to the key terms and concepts that will guide and frame the Open edX product management organization and product practice. Your comments and questions can be posted directly on the Confluence page!

-> Review OEP 57

[Join a Working Group!] Working Groups are community-led teams dedicated to a project or projects that fit under an easily definable business process. They are designed to create and/or facilitate a particular feature set within the Open edX platform. They are also an authoritative body giving the community structure and a process for decision-making. For example, see this recent Open edX blog post presenting the Translation Working Group. Join the Open edX community and take part in our collaboration efforts!

-> List of all working groups

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