What is the Open edX® platform?

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The Open edX® platform is a powerful open source learning management system (LMS) used by organizations from all over the world to host Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as well as smaller classes and training modules. The edX® organization, a nonprofit founded by Harvard and MIT, designed and released the Open edX platform in 2013 with the goal of making it possible for universities and institutions to deliver high-quality courses to learners everywhere. The project has received massive funding and continues to grow every year. 


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The Open edX platform operates on your web browser and provides an easy yet robust experience to learners and instructors alike. It can be used to create courses for a few learners and be scaled for millions of users. It also offers a great mobile experience, either through its responsive web app or with its dedicated mobile apps.

Studio Authoring tool

The Studio authoring tool is used to create and organize courses. Instructors can quickly integrate content ranging from videos, documents and complex HTML, to a variety of assessment activities such as multiple choice questions, interactive exercises (like drag-and-drop problems, polls, vector-drawing problems, and many others), and essay-style assessments. It can also integrate external content packages and learning tools using LTI, HTML, and iFrames.

The Open edX LMS

The learning environment found in the Open edX platform provides a pleasant and streamlined learning experience with features that help learners stay engaged and keep track of progress. It’s also a social learning environment with tools and features that learners and instructors can use to form a genuine learning community.

Organizations using the Open edX platform can choose to generate certificates for learners who pass a course. Learners can view, print, and share their certificates. An optional e-commerce platform allows course providers to offer paid certificates, using popular payment gateway options such as Paypal or Stripe. The paltform also supports Single Sign-On with a variety of identity providers.

Learner Analytics

The Open edX platform features easy-to-use data reporting tools.
The optional edX Insights tool provides in-depth learner analytics, allowing instructors to collect data about learner activity, background, and performance throughout a course.

The power of open source

As open source software, the Open edX platform can be expanded to suit different needs. 

The look and feel of the platform can be themed to match your brand. 

Any Open edX instance can be customized to integrate with 3rd party software and includes a suite of APIs that allow the building of applications for that purpose. Integration with LTI tools, Content Management Systems, and Customer Relationship Management software are a few popular examples. 

The platform’s component architecture is called XBlock. Users can develop XBlocks of many forms, such as new functionalities, innovative exercises, interactive simulations, or collaborative learning experiences, and contribute them to the XBlock library.

As open source software, the Open edX platform is backed by a strong community of users comprising developers, stakeholders, instructors and learners, and led by the edX organization. Members of the community regularly improve and contribute features to the platform, which are then integrated in future releases. OpenCraft participates in every Open edX Conference as a major sponsor and presenter.