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30-day free trial
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Dedicated Open edX instance yes yes
Max. limit of total users 1000 users No limit
Theming Basic customizations Fully customized theme available
Xblocks Subscription-based One-time setup
Custom domain Subscription-based Included
Certificates Honor (free) certificates only Paid certificates available
edX Insights analytics   Available
Ecommerce   Available
Mobile apps   Available
Automatic Version Upgrades yes yes
Encryption (HTTPS) yes yes
Single Sign-On   Available
3rd party integrations   Available
Hosting support Email support Priority support with developer
Open edX support Email support Priority support with developer
Superuser admin access yes yes
Guaranteed availability 95% 99.9%
Backups restoration yes yes
Cancellation policy Monthly Monthly

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“LabXchange is committed to the principles of open source, and so with OpenCraft’s deep investment in the development of Open edX, they were an obvious partner for us. OpenCraft not only built the LabXchange platform, but also ensured a close and productive collaboration with the technical team at edX. Among other things, this allowed us to release Blockstore, the next-generation content storage system for the Open edX platform.”
Robert A. Lue, Faculty Director and Principal Investigator
Harvard LabXchange
“OpenCraft’s strong collaboration skills, excellence in their craft, and harmonic practices lead to significant contributions that are in consonance with the future direction of the edX platform. They play an instrumental role in the symphonic blend of the Open edX ecosystem, resulting in a profound resonance of the edX mission to provide quality education to the global community.”
Nimisha Asthagiri, Chief Architect
“OpenCraft was a pleasure to work with. They helped through every stage of the process – from idea generation, to prototyping, construction, deployment, and testing. They were responsive to my needs and completed the work on time and on budget. OpenCraft knows edX inside out, both technically and organisationally. They are able to reach out to the right person when needed, which was invaluable to get features released on time for our courses.”
Bill Wisser, Sr. Director of Learning Technologies
Harvard Graduate School of Education
The opinions printed here are the perspectives of the individual(s) quoted and do not represent the views of Harvard University or Harvard Graduate School of Education.
“OpenCraft is fantastic to work with. From the beginning of our work together, they have been willing to explore ways we can customize our Open edX instance, making it fit to the (very specific) use case we have in mind. The high level of customization we’ve been able to achieve thanks to OpenCraft is critical to our ability to train policymakers around the world.”
Charlotte Tuminelli, Senior Training Manager
Harvard Kennedy School
The opinions printed here are the perspectives of the individual(s) quoted and do not represent the views of Harvard University or Harvard Kennedy School.
“OpenCraft developed two custom products for my team to expand the capabilities of the edX platform. Their performance and attention to customer satisfaction exceeded my expectations. Both tools performed the desired functions and were integrated seamlessly. I would definitely choose to work with OpenCraft again.”
Stefan Esposito, Instructional Development Manager
The opinions printed here are the perspectives of the individual(s) quoted and do not represent the views of Harvard University or HarvardX.
“OpenCraft did a great job improving the Open edX platform to better meet our needs, and their working relationship with the edX community meant these changes were integrated into the latest Open edX release, so everyone could benefit. Additionally, they provided fantastic support on a very complex issue to a very tight deadline.”
Ethan Barden, MeriSTEM Project Coordinator
Australian National University
“OpenCraft took full responsibility for the code reviews and upstreaming process and led it on the highest professional level. OpenCraft’s work is professional, accurate, always on time and with a smile. They are true leaders of the Open Source community around the Open edX technology.”
Anna Lifshits Agmon, CTO
Campus-IL – Israel’s National Project for Digital Learning
“OpenCraft has been an invaluable partner in making our vision for Cloudera OnDemand a reality. In my opinion, no other Open edX provider can rival OpenCraft’s deep level of knowledge of the platform, or match their skill in customizing it.”
Rowan McVey, Former Program Manager
“We were looking for a partner who shared our values on open source, knew the Open edX community well, and would deliver high quality service. Opencraft did just that and more. Their service was rock solid and they were always willing to explore ways for the Open edX platform to provide more value to our university community. We could not have done it without them by our side.”
Michael Greene, Associate Director
Duke Learning Innovation, Duke University
The opinions printed here are the perspectives of the individual(s) quoted and do not represent the views of Duke University.
“Opencraft has matched all of our hosting needs, quickly and satisfactorily. This is a service we would recommend. Everything works great and there is always somebody on the other side of the email.”
Ramon Ovelar, Researcher
University of the Basque Country

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