About OpenCraft

We are serious about open source software. Our approach is to “upstream everything“.

The vast majority of the features we develop are contributed (“upstreamed”) to the public version of the Open edX® platform. This approach ensures smooth upgrades, minimizes maintenance, maximizes quality, and ensures the sustainability of the Open edX project.

OpenCraft has continuously been contributing to the Open edX platform since it was released in 2013.

OpenCraft’s Expertise

We only hire senior developers with proven open source contributions.

The code we write matches the highest standards of quality.

We work closely with edX and TCRIL, both in the governance of the project and as a major development partner.

Our team has the highest number of Core Contributors to the Open edX project.

We work with prestigious universities, governments, and organizations worldwide — and we’ve made thousands of contributions to the Open edX platform on their behalf.

OpenCraft’s History

Our core values are openness, quality, commitment, and empathy. OpenCraft contributes regularly to various open source projects, including the Open edX platform. The company is completely decentralized, operating from all continents except Antartica — allowing us to recruit the best talent worldwide and to offer uninterrupted service.

Read our public handbook to learn more about us, and how we work.