Colleges and Universities

OpenCraft has strong partnerships with prestigious universities and colleges, enabling faculty and researchers to deliver innovative learning experiences and push the boundaries of online pedagogy.

The Australian National University, Australia’s foremost public university, hired OpenCraft to develop a project called the XBlock Reporting Tool. The tool improves reporting functionalities for XBlocks, allowing course instructors to get more data about learners’ responses to problems and to preview and download detailed reports. OpenCraft also provides consulting services as needed for ANU’s in-house deployment of the Open edX® platform.

Harvard Graduate School of Education is one of the top schools of education in the United States. HGSE hired OpenCraft to assist them in deploying a course about change management. We deployed an Open edX instance with a customized theme to match their branding and were contracted for course authoring work. HGSE also had OpenCraft develop and implement a brand-new XBlock for their course called the Diary XBlock, which allows learners to write, save, and edit text for evaluation and feedback. The course was very successful with more than 100,000 enrollments, and the Diary XBlock was very well received.

Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government is one of the United States’ foremost public policy and public administration school. HKS hired OpenCraft to deploy and maintain their Evidence for Policy Design Online Learning Platform (EPoDx) based on the Open edX platform. The blended learning platform, utilizing custom data reports from Insights and the Analytics Pipeline, has been a success, bringing evidence-based teaching to thousands of public servants and policymakers so far.

Harvard University hired OpenCraft to develop advanced learning tools for the Open edX® platform through their HarvardX online learning initiative. We developed the Atlas XBlock, a visual tool that aggregates survey results and displays them on a world map. We also rewrote and improved Dalite, a tool for asynchronous peer instruction which identifies discussion arguments for students to revise or defend, enabling peer instruction at scale in online courses.