01-23 Newsletter — Conference Schedule …
01-23 Newsletter — Conference Schedule …
01-23 Newsletter — Conference Schedule Preview, Olive Features, Core Contributor Retros

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[Conference Preview] Get a sneak peek of the 2023 Open edX Conference with tCRIL's series of "Conference Preview" blog posts. The articles focus on the less-publicized but equally exciting Tuesday and Friday schedules, in addition to the two main days of the conference. Mark your calendars for March 28-31, and stay tuned, as session proposals are currently under evaluation. We know that this year's program promises to be amazing!

-> Tuesday preview blog post
-> Wednesday-Thursday preview blog post
-> Friday preview blog post

[Olive Feature Updates] Sarina Canelake and Jenna Makowski of tCRIL present three captivating blog posts showcasing the latest enhancements and additions in Olive, the newest release of Open edX. The first blog post provides a comprehensive look into the improved authoring experience of the Text Component (previously known as the HTML component), which now supports emoticons, visual tables, and more. The remaining two posts showcase significant and highly-anticipated improvements to the discussion forums, including a refined search function, ability to mark posts as answers, and neat new tools for forum moderators.

-> Improved Studio Editing in Olive
-> New and Improved Discussion Forums
-> Moderation & Authoring Tools for the New Discussions Features

[Olive Release Notes] Looking for what has changed in the Olive release? Find the release notes here

[Core Contributor Retros] Did you know that Core Contributors work in bi-weekly sprints and share their progress at the end of each sprint using Listaflow, an open-source checklist tool developed by OpenCraft? Their reports, accessible on Discuss, provide insights into what tasks require assistance, in case you're interested in lending a hand. Keep up-to-date on the latest sprint reports!

[Meetup Recording] The recording of the January online Community meetup can be watched here. This meetup featured the following presentations:

  • The Build/Test/Release Group (Dean Jay Mathew) gave a showcase of the latest software release, Olive, with improved Discussions Micro-frontend and HTML component editors, and a new Authentication MFE. They also presented the Olive test plan, invited community feedback and shared plans for testing the next release, Palm.
  • tCRIL (Jeanna Makowski) and edX/2U (Aamir Ayub) gave a product update on the platform's discussions forums, including a significant UI facelift, and enhanced moderator tools. See "Olive Feature Updates" above for more information, along with links to dedicated blog posts. 
  • Construct Education (Carl Dawson) gave an outline of the best digital learning practices, hearing directly from world-leading institutions which have experienced the results of digital transformation. 


Open source and free, a gift from above,
The Open edX platform brings knowledge, so that we can grow.
An endless stream of learning, for one and all,
Its power immense, shall answer our call.

With endless possibility, for young and old,
To explore and grow, with stories untold.
So gather ye students, from near and far,
And let the Open edX platform, be thy guiding star.

- Courtesy of ChatGPT

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