09-22 Newsletter — Ecosystem overview, …
09-22 Newsletter — Ecosystem overview, …
09-22 Newsletter — Ecosystem overview, TOC Election, Advanced Assessments

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Here's a recap of our September newsletter:

[TOC Election - Sep 30 deadline] In October, the Open edX Community will be called to elect 3 members of the new core decision-making body of the Open edX project — the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) — and we need your help! The 3 elected community representatives will join the TOC, along with the 3 members from tCRIL and the 3 members from 2U.

The 3 elected community representatives have the mission to represent the community as a whole, but with each a specific focus:

  • Operators & core community representative, which is elected by the project’s core contributors and maintainer
  • Instructors representative, which is elected by all individuals producing or running a currently active course on Open edX 
  • Learners representative, which represents everyone using Open edX to learn

If you are running an active course on Open edX, please register to vote! This includes any form of contribution to the authoring of a course, and particularly Teaching Assistants (TAs).

Voter registration is open until September 30th, and the election will be held in October. For more details about the election, see the TOC Community Election Charter.

-> Register to vote

[Join a Working Group] Working Groups are community-led teams dedicated to an Open edX-related project that fit under an easily definable business process. They are designed to create and/or facilitate a particular feature set within the Open edX platform. They are also an authoritative body giving the community structure and a process for decision-making. For example, see this recent Open edX blog post presenting the Translation Working Group. Join the Open edX community and take part in our collaboration efforts!

-> List of all working groups

[Open edX Overview] Here's a frequently asked question: What's the distinction between edX, Open edX, and now tCRIL (The Center For Reimagining Learning)?

Ed Zarecor, Open edX's VP of Engineering, just helped solve the riddle by presenting an overview of the Open edX ecosystem at the September Community meetup. His presentation helps differentiate edX (the company, and learning destination), Open edX (the open source learning platform), and tCRIL (the non-profit entity that manages the Open edX platform along with the community). Ed also touches on the acquisition of edX by 2U in November 2021, tCRIL's mission, project governance, and a few more frequently asked questions. 

-> Watch presentation recording

[Advanced Assessments] At the last Community meetup, Curricu.me founder John Swope presented a talk titled "Advanced Assessment in Open edX and how Anyone Can Use It", which offered insights into how non-technical or semi-technical course authors can leverage the platform's advanced components (JavaScript, Python, SCORM, etc.) to enhance their courses. 

-> Watch presentation recording

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