01-22 Newsletter: 2022 Conference, New F …
01-22 Newsletter: 2022 Conference, New F …
01-22 Newsletter: 2022 Conference, New Features, Marketing Work Group

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Here's a recap of our January 2022 newsletter:

[Open edX Conference] After two years of forced hiatus, the long awaited, in-person Open edX Conference is finally back! As recently announced by Open edX, the 2022 conference is scheduled for April 26th-29th, and will be hosted in Lisbon, Portugal. We at OpenCraft are preparing to submit lots of session ideas, and we invite all members of the community to do the same! We'll be sharing more details on the conference in subsequent newsletters. You should also keep an eye out on Open edX's blog for details regarding the event, including keynote speakers, conference presentations, ticket information, workshop details, and more.

-> Call For Speakers: submit your talk ideas

[New Features] Maple, the latest version of Open edX, brings a number of platform improvements and new features. You can read the Release Notes for a list of all changes and new features that will impact the experience of learners, instructors, and all others who use the platform. Our good friend Sarina Canelake at tCRIL also released a series of great blog posts detailing improvements made to key areas of the platform: a feature rundown, mobile native apps improvements, and making the learning micro-frontend the default student LMS experience. The team at OpenCraft is very proud to have contributed to many features on this highly anticipated release. We're also planning to upgrade all our hosted instances to Maple — be sure to do the same! And let us know how we can help you.

[Marketing Work Group] The Open edX marketing working group has released a "Meet the Community" video series, where you can "meet" members of the group and learn more about them and their work. See the group's latest blog announcement for a list of videos, or find them on Open edX's Youtube channel. The group is always seeking new members who are interested in sharing innovative marketing ideas and supporting the overall marketing of the Open edX project. Come say hi on Open edX's Slack at the #marketing channel! 

-> Check out the Marketing Work Group's Trello board


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