[Nutmeg Features] Nutmeg is the latest Open edX named release. Our friend Sarina Canelake, Engineering Manager at the Center For Reimagining Learning (tCRIL), published a short series of blog posts that look at some of the newest additions to the Open edX software.

The Nutmeg Feature Round-up offers a tour of several new learner and instructor-facing features, such as:

  • Adding the “Dates” tab as one of the default tabs, allowing learners to see important due dates and helping them stay on track
  • Adding a new “Weekly Learning Goal” widget to the course home page that prompts learners to set specific goals and subscribe to reminder emails
  • An improved Progress page that gives learners a comprehensive, visual view of their progress and grades
  • Improved LTI Support

The Product Tours ​​blog introduces an amazing new feature focused on learner engagement – the Product Tour. This optional tool takes new learners for a comprehensive, in-context guided tour of the course layout that ends at the Course Goal Setting tool. edX®, who have implemented product tours earlier this year, have already noticed increased engagement and completion in learners who use the goals feature! 

The Nutmeg: Operator & Developer Enhancements blog is a technical piece that summarizes the changes (additions and deprecations) that impact the people who write code for Open edX or deploy Open edX instances.

[Meetup Recording] The recording of the latest (July) Open edX Community Meetup is now available. During this event, edtech company Readspeaker discussed how course authors can leverage text-to-speech solutions for a more inclusive learning environment. They demonstrated how their tools worked with the example of one of Esme Learning‘s Open edX sites (which are hosted and developed by OpenCraft 😉 ), and discussed various topics around the theme of accessible and universal design in education. 

-> Watch the recording
-> Learn more about universal design