The new OpenCraft Pro & Teacher hos …
The new OpenCraft Pro & Teacher hos …
The new OpenCraft Pro & Teacher hosting plan has launched : )

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This article was written by Jeff Miller, a member of the OpenCraft marketing team.

I’m excited to share that we have launched an updated Pro & Teacher hosting plan for your Open edX® instances! We work very closely with our clients, and we listen to their feedback. As such, we have been working hard to improve our hosting plan after hearing that customization was too limited, the process to make changes to a theme was too time consuming, and that the price point was too high.

New features include a dedicated, secure instance that is backed up and monitored by the OpenCraft team, an unlimited number of online courses to serve a wide and diverse range of learners, a new UI console that provides a streamlined user experience (and includes a comprehensive theme editor for complete brand adherence), and the ability to create and support both custom domains and page creation for privacy policies and service level agreements.

With the new self-service platform, you can easily customize your own Open edX instance to provide a smooth registration and onboarding experience, as well as a customized look-and-feel to reflect your brand. You can easily install your instance and access it quickly. There’s no need for extensive technical knowledge or additional consultants.  We have also introduced multiple pricing tiers based on the number of active users, which enables you to get all the Open edX platform’s essential features at a much lower cost. The details of the pricing tiers are outlined below.

Here’s a look inside the platform.

Customize your Open edX instance

A revamped user console features a comprehensive theme editor that allows thorough branding of the instance with options to customize colors, logos, buttons, navigation, footers and hero images.

An overview of our new user console - it looks great! : )
Add custom logo and favicon
Customize buttons
Customize navigation items
Customize the footer of your site
Customize your hero text and background image

Configuration options include custom domains:

Additionally, you can create custom pages, such as terms of services or policy privacy pages:

Different plans to match different needs

OpenCraft is offering two hosting plans: Pro & Teacher and Institutional. See our website for a full comparison of the plans

Each plan:

  • Offers users their own dedicated instance that is secure, backed up and monitored by the OpenCraft team.
  • Gives organizations customized themes and version upgrades, as well as the ability to host an unlimited number of courses.

The Pro & Teacher hosting plan provides all the essential features at an entry level price. It’s ideal for smaller organizations, teachers and even people who just want to try out the platform. It starts at just €39 / $43 per month for 50 users.

The Institutional hosting plan is designed for larger organizations with greater needs. If you want to scale up to millions of users, offer services such as e-commerce and mobile apps, receive expanded support and take advantage of OpenCraft’s experts for custom development support and services — then this is the plan for you. You can get a quote and learn more about our Institutional plan here

Want to try the updated Pro & Teacher plan? Get started with a 30-day free trial here

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