[Community Event] The Open edX community hosted an online event on Friday, September 17. It featured a talk by Ed Zarecor on the state of the Open edX project, a case study on using the platform to address public sector online education needs by academia, and a review of the platform’s market niche. We also discussed where the community can focus in order to expand its reach in the e-Learning space. We enjoyed getting to talk with other community members in the Gather space and hope to see you at the next one!

-> See the event’s Youtube playlist

[Maple Release] The next release of the Open edX platform, called Maple, is scheduled to release on December 9, 2021. A beta version will be made available in early October to allow the community to test the software, report bugs, and improve documentation. Stay tuned for more news about Maple next month when the test branch is released!

-> Learn about early Maple features on Confluence

[Multi Sites] Did you know that a single Open edX instance could be split into multiple “sites,” each with its own theme, home URL, and course catalog? The process of creating and administering sites can be quite tedious. To address this, we developed Sites Generator, an open source tool that automates the whole process! Read the blog post to learn how to configure Sites.

-> Explore Sites-Generator’s public code repository

[Frontend] The Open edX team announced the creation of a Frontend working group that will be responsible for stewardship of the frontend of the Open edX platform. The group welcomes members of the community to discuss the goals and challenges of the platform’s frontend features and partake in key technical decisions.

-> Learn more on the Frontend Working Group wiki page