12-22 Newsletter — Olive Release, List …
12-22 Newsletter — Olive Release, List …
12-22 Newsletter — Olive Release, Listaflow, Call For Proposals

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[Olive Released 🫒The fifteenth Open edX community release, called Olive, is now out! The release was coordinated by the Open edX community via the Build / Test / Release working group, and brings improvements to the Discussions Micro-frontend (MFE) and HTML component editors, but also novelties like the brand-new Authentication MFE.

You can also learn more about Olive at the upcoming Open edX Community Meetup, scheduled for 1/26/2023 at 10 AM (EDT). A registration link to this free virtual event will soon be posted on the Open edX blog.

-> Release notes for Olive

[Listaflow — Remote Collaboration] In addition to Open edX development, OpenCraft has been working on the development of Listaflow, an open source workflow tool for remote team collaboration and reporting. In the blog post highlight below, our UX designer Ali Hugo presents the product, and explains how the early release is already being put to good use by the Open edX community. Scroll down to learn more!

[2023 Conference CFP] The Call For Proposals for the 2023 Open edX Conference is open until January 23rd, 2023. All community members are welcome to participate and submit their ideas! To learn about the types of presentations the Community is seeking, and how you can submit a presentation proposal, please visit Sessionize. Early bird rates for conference tickets are up until early January, so be quick and buy your tickets!

[December Meetup Recap] The recording of the December Open edX Community Meetup can be watched online. Here's a recap of the program:

  • Rohit Ramanathan from Mathworks discussed how his team helps instructors adapt content from on-campus courses for online delivery using MATLAB®, a programming and computation platform used by millions of scientists and engineers worldwide.
  • Madhup Verma of VTeamLabs presented their FETP Platform, which provides public health services through a mentoring approach to enhance the effectiveness of the medical workforce.
  • Jenna Makowski, Senior Product Manager at tCRIL, presented the Modular Learning project, aimed at increasing flexibility in authoring and delivering learning experiences.

[Easy Tomato Sauce] I love cooking, and I love sharing recipes. Here’s one for a simple, yet very tasty marinara sauce. It's great on everything. It's one of my secret weapons. All you need is 3-4 ingredients and a few hours' time. Share this red deliciousness with friends and family, and appreciate the small, great things in life.

🍅 -> Tomato sauce recipe

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